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On February 14th, 1950,  papers of incorporation were signed forming the Upper Sweetwater Valley Volunteer Fire Department. The District was formed to establish governmental structure for the Upper Sweetwater Valley Volunteer Fire Company that had provided emergence services to the unincorporated Sweetwater Valley Since 1939. Reorganized in September of 1952, the Bonita-Sunnyside Fire Protection District was established.

Service Area

The population serviced is over 18,000 with a service area reaching out to 7.0 square miles. This includes residential and commercial development in the community of Bonita; County and Regional parklands; and conservation areas overseen by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in collaboration with the Sweetwater Unit of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge. The district averages 1,800 calls annually.


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The district employees 14 full-time employees; 1 Fire Chief, 1 Office manager, 12 Firefighters. The district is governed by an elected 3 person Board of Directors.

Bonita-Sunnyside FPD is a member of the Heartland Communications Authority JPA for dispatch and is a founding member of the Regional Cooperative Care Partnership (RCCP), a consortium of emergency services which provides administrative oversight. The district is also an active participating member of the Heartland Fire Training Authority and South Bay In-Service Training.

Professional Awards and Recognition

The Bonita-Sunnyside FPD has been recognized since its formation not only for our firefighting efforts but also for our efforts to prevent injury and loss of life. Examples would include recognition from Poway for the 1967 Poway Fire, Resolution from Assemblyman Larry Stirling for the 1988 Cowles Mountain Fire, Resolution from Assembly woman Tricia Hunter for the 1990 Dubbar Fire, Governor Pete Wilson for the 1992 Guejitio Fire and Congressional recognition from Duncan Hunter for the 2001 Cedar Fire.

Examples of awards to the staff would include Channel 10’s recognition for the districts successful efforts to have Highway 54 become a divided highway.